Tuesday, January 19, 2010

He Said, She Said:
– What they are saying in the booth and around the grounds at the Australian Open:


Jo-Wilfried Tsonga, when asked who he'd like to play in the second round.

"Because he's not really offensive, so it's better because I don't have to really run when the player in front of me is not offensive."

Jo-Wilfried Tsonga, when asked why he'd rather play Fognini.

"Look, if I buy everything to my wife, how can I invest money?"

Nikolay Davydenko, when asked what he did with his 1 Million prize money from the Barclays World Tour Finals.

“There just hasn’t been any hesitation whatsoever in her game.”

Mary Joe Fernandez on Justine Henin, as she calmly dispatched fellow Belgian Kirsten Flipkens in the first round.

“I think the second serve has been pretty weak for Nadal throughout the match.”

Patrick McEnroe on Nadal’s effort in the first two sets against Peter Luczak in round 1. (He changed his opinion on that as the match progressed)

“That is some serious pop.”

Brad Gilbert, on one of Rafael Nadal’s many well-hit two-handed backhand passing shots. (They talked a lot about how he hits flatter and maybe even harder from the backhand side, especially in this match).

“I don’t see anything stopping a Nadal-Murray quarterfinal.”

Brad Gilbert, on the chances of Nadal and Murray meeting. (Works for me)

“He took Anderson to the woodshed - that was a 6’8” guy that he just gave a beat-down to.”

Brad Gilbert on Murray’s first-round win against South African Kevin Anderson.

“I like it more than the pink he wore in Roland Garros.”

Chris Fowler, on Rafa’s latest attire, a mixture of plaid and stripes, during an animated discussion on the subject. Brad Gilbert mentioned that he didn’t think Rafa’s Australian Open digs were going to sell very well at “Brad Gilbert’s Tennis Nation” in San Rafael, Ca.

“The bigger the swing the more things that can go wrong with it.”

Martina Navratilova, on Carsten Ball’s big forehand windup, as he netted one against Fernando Verdasco. (Carsten Ball played very well in this match, and his serve is top-notch, but I think Martina is right – he needs to simplify his swing a bit. He’s big enough to generate power with less windup. If he does that he could be a top player because his serve is just plain nasty.

“Definitely no woman’s land there…”

Jeff Tarango, on Jelena Jankovic’s attempt to move into the net after a gorgeously constructed point against Monica Niculescu where she netted an easy volley. Jankovic made many strange looking volleys today, but still won easily,

“Andreev is at his best when he is running around his backhand and hitting that big forehand, and there are too many opportunities right now for him to do that.”

Brad Gilbert, on the state of the Federer-Andreev match when it was early in the 3rd set. If you didn’t get a chance to catch the third set of this match, you missed the best set of tennis thus far in Australia.

“Mirka can’t watch…this is painful for her.”

Patrick McEnroe, as Igor Andreev prepared to serve on set point in the third set.

“Toys-R-Us time now…”

Patrick McEnroe, as Roger Federer played yet another exquisite point against Igor Andreev in the 3rd game of the 4th set. It was one of those points where he lured Andreev in and then finished him off with a jumping backhand smash.

“I don’t know who he is but he’s obviously a good player.”

John Isner, on his 2nd round opponent from Ireland, qualifier Louk Sorensen. Isner is the No. 2-randed American as of the beginning this week.

“I prefer easier matches, but this works well.”

Roger Federer, when asked by Jim Courier if straight sets or being pushed is better for him during an on-court post-match interview. It was a pretty funny moment, as Courier kind of hammed it up and lightened the mood nicely.


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