Wednesday, January 20, 2010

He Said, She Said, Day 3

He Said, She Said - Day 3
- Notes and Quotes from Around the Grounds

“If there has been any erosion of her skills I haven’t seen it yet.”

Mary Carillo, on Justine Henin (After watching the Dementieva match, I will disagree with Mary on this one - It seems that Justine is having more serve-toss issues than I remember her having in the past. She had to catch her own toss at least 20 times last night, maybe more. Off the ground though, and tactically, Justine is as unbelievably good as ever.)
“The break-fest continues on Laver…”

Justin Gimelstob, while giving the score of the Justine Henin-Elena Dementieva match, as he was calling Blake-Del Potro on Hisense. The match featured 13 breaks of serve in 24 games, including the last four games of a pressure-filled 2nd set.
“As beautiful a stroke as her backhand is, the forehand is Henin’s biggest weapon.”

Mary Carillo, on Justine Henin, as she fought her way to a tense 7-5, 7-6 victory over the No. 5 seed, Elena Dementieva. (I’m not so sure I’d agree with this one, but I guess it’s okay to put the matter up for discussion - what do you guys think?)
“Those are the kinds of points that she needs to play when she’s ahead in the score.”

Corina Morariu, after Justine Henin played a splendid point while down set point in the 2nd set tiebreaker against Dementieva. Morariu pointed out that Henin wasn’t playing as decisively when she was ahead in the match, and that she would be doing herself a favor if she did so.
“He has not threatened that linesperson yet.”

Chris Fowler, after Juan Martin del Potro was called for his second foot fault of the match in the 8th game of the 2nd set of his match against James Blake.
“Blake, trying to improve upon a 4-12 5-set record…”

Justin Gimelstob, noting the stats as he called the riveting 5th set of the Blake-del Potro tilt. Credit Blake for a gutsy effort in defeat, but nonetheless his 5-set record drops to 4-13. But also not that at one point, he was 0-11 in 5-setters - so he has made some improvement in the area. (he’s also now 1-12 v. top-10 opponents in Slams).
“I think if Justine goes to an amusement park she’s intense, I mean, this is one of the most intense women I have ever known.”

Pam Shriver, on Justine Henin, as she played the first set of her match against Elena Dementieva.
“That’s a universal symbol right there!”

Justin Gimelstob, as Juan Martin del Potro flexed his muscles for the crowd after his epic 5-set victory over James Blake.

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